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Spent the first hour of my birthday at the office and i got this! Thanks for your thoughtfulness, guys! :)

Check out my ukelele tutorial of Ingrid Michaelson’s very cutie song, You and I :)

Hello there, Sunset! :3

My first time to record on playing the ukelele. This instrument produces such happy music :)

"Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved." Kampai!
#music #passion

VICTORY! HAHAH >_< #salabat #ginger

Achievement unlocked! @deejay_bevera @kasiemae90

Yey! Hanging #guitar na si Crimson! :D
Thank you sa guitar stuffs! ^^

Chillin’ with @kasiemae90 ^^
Super love hanging out at this place! Flavorful drinks as well. And they gave us complementary biscuits since I’m an avid customer :)) (at Oxford Brewing Co.)

Happy hearts and happy tummies! ♥
Ang tigkaon ug ang tig luto ^^ (at Gui Gui Korean Grill)