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Happy hearts and happy tummies! ♥
Ang tigkaon ug ang tig luto ^^ (at Gui Gui Korean Grill)

Visita Iglesia

Nomnomnom! A healthy yet sumptious and flavorful snack, #Positrim! Got this one from #vibranceparty last week. Karon rajud ko naka higayun ug open >_< Thanks @vampangel87 for the invite ^^
Had a blast!

That big of a serving of Chicken Parmagiana in #dessertfactory. Wooooo! #lateupload

Pretty reasonable pricing. I just luurrvvee asian cuisine. I still consider this not-pigging-out though. I just didn’t want to eat at the canteen because I want some fresh air off ze office. ^^ #ulli’sstreetsofasia #ebitori #japanesestreetfood

Mini choco rumbles! Tenkyuuu :3

La Vie P

Camera 360

La Vie Parisienne – for those unfamiliar of the term, this denotes a female native or resident of Paris.

Therefore, one may associate this restaurant an epitome of Paris dining.


When we got to the place, you’d surely think that it’s exquisite due to the long line of people lining up. The menu were much of French-styled bakery and pastries (supposedly). But what irked me was the extremely…

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Taming the alpha. #Beagle #stud #studservice

The Valentine Clich

Camera 360

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Honey is sweet

but not as sweet as you.

This post might be quite late since it’s already March. But nonetheless, it’s better to be late than never right?

I am not a fan of cliché. But sometimes, clichés can become quite romantic, especially if it’s out-of-the-ordinary-kind-of-stuff you stumble upon on an everyday basis.

I wasn’t a big fan of Valentine’s day…

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Roses are red violets are blue, Sugar is sweet and so are you. ♥♡ツ💚💗💜🌹💘💞