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A throwback pic during the time when Cloudy wasn’t the youngest in the pack. :D Advance happy birthday Niji and Chicco!
#tbt #pets #beagle #minidachschund #octoberpets

Camera-shy Chicco, caught on cam :p #raremoment

Heavy traffic on our way to the vet. Grabbed from @deejay_bevera ‘s ohsome fone pix. :D

nomnomnom ~

I love waking up to blue skies. :)

I miss my chubby cheeeeekksss >(=3=)<

I just remembered this pic from @deejay_bevera’s post. Lezzgo again to camotes sooonnessstt ! #TBT

Hala pareha sila kadak-a ! :p
Hi Crimson and Sunset! :3 #ukulele #guitar

Spent the first hour of my birthday at the office and i got this! Thanks for your thoughtfulness, guys! :)

Check out my ukelele tutorial of Ingrid Michaelson’s very cutie song, You and I :)